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Warning: A controller is necessary to play this prototype.

In this action platformer, you play as a Ghost Hunter X that finds himself on a haunted and ghost infested ghost ship. Your goal is to get to the Captain's Quarters without dying by the ghosts, or falling through the ship’s many holes. There is one save and grace though, an odd sword that you woke up with, which you later have found out harms ghosts. Not just only harms them, but seals them in the sword making it stronger. With this sword you will have to jump, slice, and dodge your way through your way to the Captain's Quarters and defeat the infamous Captain Creepy, since he guards the ship's navigation system.

Install instructions

Download, extract, and play the .exe .


Captain Creepy and The Curse of the Spooky Sea 18 MB


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"You have to kill the ghosts."